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Ok, so what am I doing blogging? Well… to be honest, I’m not even quite sure yet. Most of those that are familiar with my work have found me via dribbble, behance or logopond. Over the years I have been recognised as a logo guy (logopond), a corporate identity guy (behance) and a lettering guy (dribbble). Whilst all are very much intertwined, I decided I wanted to kick-start a blogging endeavour that held no preference to either. Somewhere I could consolidate on all of them, lay down my thoughts, share some techniques and give you an insight into off topic interests that I’m passionate about like surfing, family and surfing.

There’ll be lots of bad grammar, but I’m hoping to make it more about pictures and videos.

So to kick things off, here’s something I posted a little while back on youtube, my closing video at the typism 2013 conference. An amazing day that I’ll “blog” about down the track.

So with that said, welcome to my inaugural blog.

Matt Vergotis

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  1. Love to see you ‘work’ in action, great movie. I was watching it with great admiration. Amazing how ‘easy’ it looks and how beautiful it looks. Do you have more work-movies like this?

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