What brushpens do I use?


Howdy legends,

I get asked pretty much every time I publish a lettering photo or video on instagram or dribbble “what kind of brushpen is that?”, which is quickly proceeded by “where can I get it from?”. Well, now that I have a blog I have a nice little link I can copy and paste to answer those questions. And the up side is, I may just get a little SEO love out of it – cheeky monkey.

If it was as easy as looking at the pen and reciting the name, it wouldn’t be such an issue, but most of them are written in Japanese, so every time I’m asked, I usually have to log-on to jetpens.com┬áto locate the pen’s proper name which I can never remember – thank you memory.

So! Where I get the majority of my pens is from jetpens.com. The pens are great value and there’s a massive variety. I’ve tried and tested a lot of them, but there are a select bunch that work best for me and my particular styles of writing. It’s important to note that every pen has a different feel and personality dictating a different approach. What works for you, may not work for me and visa-versa. It’s about trying and practicing over and over, trying to decode the weight, feel and pressure of the brush pen. For example, when I first bought my first batch of brushpens, I couldn’t use a soft tip pen to save myself. I started getting better results a lot quicker with the hard tip brushpens as they offered more resistance which steadied the hand. Through persistence I kept on with the soft tips and once I stopped trying to apply the same techniques I used for the hard tips, I discovered a quicker and flicky approach gave me more desirable results. The beauty of this is different moods and personalities are born with each pen. So the more different pens you own, the bigger variety of styles you’ll acquire.

So throughout this blog, I’ll introduce new pens and talk about them a bit more, but to follow up from the video I posted previously, here’s a list of the pens I used in that video.


Happy lettering



Pilot Pocket Brush Pen – Hard
(Chloe, Cool & Jeremy)

Kuretake No. 13 Fountain Brush Pen – Black Bod
(Byron, Autumn, Thank You)

Zebra Disposable Brush Pen – Fine

Zebra Disposable Brush Pen – Super Fine
(Mangrom, Sofia, Stellz & Josh)


3 Replies to “What brushpens do I use?”

  1. I’m glad I can find your blog, you’re one of my favorite lettering artist (:

    I’m new in lettering, need much more practice to make a clean line and control the brush ;P

    I’m just curious, how many years you working in this field (lettering)?, because I see you’ve awesome hand movement.

    Btw, have you ever heard or tried a “Koi” brush pen? what do u think about it?

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