Brush Pen Lettering Video No.2

Alrighty you type loving frothers… Welcome to 2014! I hope you’ve had a wonderful break and you’re ready to take on the new year with gusto and enthusiasm.

One of the wonderful things I did last year was talk at TYPISM about lettering and how it has become a big part of my life. I showed examples of my logos that contain lettering and presented samples of my practicing scribbles. To close my speech I made a video that you can see on my inaugural blog post.

Since then, I have been posting a lot of quick videos to my instagram profile that allows you 15 seconds to showcase a little lettering. So with a lot of requests to make another video, I decided to collate all these videos over the Christmas holidays, along with a heap of new  longer ones and make a new video.

Being a lefty it is quite challenging, wrapping your hand around trying not to cover too much of what you’re writing, whilst peering over a camera (iphone) that’s propped up and balancing on an iphone packaging box. You rarely nail it like you do when you’re practicing so  imperfections are a plenty. It’s a bit of fun though and I for one always love seeing how other people approach lettering. So with that said, enjoy! Especially you lefties.

Oh yeah, the music to the video is by the very talented Luke Garfield and his band Board of Transportation. The song is Lines and Powerlines. There’s a free download to a few of their tracks on the website. Check’em out!

7 Replies to “Brush Pen Lettering Video No.2”

  1. Hi your lettering style is amazing love it!!! 😀

    I just wanted to know what kinda pens you use… in this video you have used two types of pens… If possible can you give us a link or give us the names of those pens please… much appreciated!

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Hey i’m stoked to have found your website. I’m a graphic design student and just love the work you have done, you have given me great inspiration. Love your lettering, I would like to try my hand at this. Cheers Michelle

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