Byron Bay Beach Hostel

For this logo assignment I have decided to capture the freedom and free flowing “good vibes” nature of Byron Bay that also pays homage to its hippy culture.

To do this I wanted to explore these values and emotions through the use of a custom made cursive, free flowing script typeface that is adventurous and creative within its execution of ligatures and form. It also has an uplifting nature due to the italic and angular composition that aligns itself to the emotions of a visiter staying at a backpackers where fun, positivity and a carefree lifestyle is the agenda.

To marry the beach vibe I have included a surfboard motif and a turquoise water colour palette that’s offset by a pop colour of a deep watermelon red.

There’s a system in place here where there are several logo arrangements and monogram logos that can be used for flexibility in different environments that covers from small icons to large horizontal signage and banners.

bbbh15bbbh17 bbbh16bbbh bbbh2 bbbh3 bbbh5 bbbh4bbbh6 bbbh7 bbbh8 bbbh9 bbbh10 bbbh13 bbbh14bbbh21bbbh20bbbh18bbbh4