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Hi mate,

So in a nutshell the “B” mark represents a few things. It’s first and foremost a capital B to represent Boscombe. However, I’ve created it in a loose, curvaceous way that takes the shape of a stylised “B” for two reasons. Juxtaposed against the solid and sturdy embossed metal stucture effect and the authority of an all caps logotype, it balances it by suggesting creativity and flexibility. It also, and it’s not imperative that it does, can take the form of a butterfly. The butterfly is primarily associated with symbolism of change and transformation. The butterfly is a symbol of powerful transformations, which can be interpreted as relative to the acquisition of property. Again, this is secondary and can be built into the values of your brand, or not.

As you’ll have just seen the logomark and logotype are flexible and can be used as a lock-up or as individual assets. The pattern is derived from the mark. If it feels too fancy and luxurious it can be further simplified.

I originally opted for just the sophistication of black and white colour pallet but decided to include the blue as a feature colour.

Give me a shout to discuss when you’ve had time to digest it.


All the best


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