Revitalising Breeze

For this concept I wanted to breathe new life into the existing logo, honour the foundations of where the brand has come from, but execute it in a way that it will take on a new, friendly and more vibrant life, whilst also being more versatile and more current in today’s market.

To do this I have custom built a new mark that draws direct inspiration from the present mark, so that there’s a bridge from the old brand to the new. Using circular grid techniques I have smoothened out the shape of the “wing-like” emblem and readjusted the balance of the bowls of the ‘B” to make it more of a literal connection to a “B” that was lacking before. There is also a sense of more forward direction in this new arrangement. The simplicity of the execution also allows the mark to reduce down to very small sizes without losing its integrity. Something that’s important in today’s market.

For the logotype I custom illustrated a typeface for a more unique and personalised approach. In doing so I have infused more personality and character into the brand. Connection and community through joining the letters, progression and movement through italicising, friendliness and approachability through the free-flowing mono-weighted curvature, character and individuality through customising, reliability and responsibility though consistency and finally, quality and professionalism through clean and precise execution.

Below is a brief mini presentation of the elements and the process that make up the new logo concept. If you are viewing this on a high retina display monitor, let me know and I’ll send you a .pdf presentation so nothing is blurred.

All the best and I look forward to hearing your feedback.




breeze-presentation breeze-presentation2 breeze-presentation3

breeze-presentation6breeze-presentation4 breeze-presentation5 breeze-presentation7 breeze-presentation8  breeze-presentation9breeze-presentation11 breeze-presentation9 breeze-presentation10 breeze-presentation11

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