The above image illustrates my thought process that can explain the entire type and mark lock-up.

The Logotype: What I have designed is a very traditional, yet strikingly contemporary serif font using modern techniques. Because this is crafted from the ground up it means it is unique to your brand, not just another stock standard shelf font. The use of the bevelled inline also helps add an element of structure and form to the type – An elegant, sophistication if you wish (A likeable well dressed man in a suit).

After designing this typeface I wanted to design some unique motifs that represented “freedom”. Other ways of describing this feeling would be: “moving on/ taking that first step”. To do this I extended past the conventional paths of a letterform and broke free with some of the cross bars of the “A’s” and the stem of the “R”. This gives that feeling of freedom and adventure.

The Logo Mark: For the mark I decided against any sort of literal forms (lighthouses, crowns etc) and decided to opt for something completely conceptual that was aesthetically pleasing to look at. Simply put, the concept is “a beautiful arrangement”. I have taken the type motifs and arranged them in a structure that provokes a sense of beautiful order through the structure and organisation of elements. The inclusion of circles also offers a feeling of team collaboration or could also suggest different areas of one’s life/ services you offer.

The image above is a step by step (top to bottom) breakdown of how the motifs from the type arrange themselves perfectly to make the mark. I think this is a strong message that compliments your service well, as your service is all about organisation for others and with this perfectly formed mark it suggests success in your area. Other words it makes me feel is “thorough” and “full service”, “results” and “attention to detail”. A client starts off taking that first step to move abroad (as shown in the type) and when they use your service, their life is perfectly structured in their new surroundings (as shown in the mark).


I included this slide to also illustrate how the mark loosely reflects positive symbols such as the sun (energy and power) or flowers (new life and beauty).

The reason I opted against literal translations like the lighthouse or crown etc was because I found they were too targeted in their message. They didn’t also feel primarily relevant, kind of a stretch of the imagination and possibly guiding ones thought down the wrong path. The conceptual nature of a non specific conceptual mark like this leaves it up to the design and formation to do all the communication.


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