Cross Carpets Rebrand

The following presentation is my vision of how to honour your existing Cross Carpets brand whilst still giving it a more simplified, flexible and more professional look to work better for the future.  I have also wanted to infuse a motif to give purpose to the existing extended terminal of the “R”

cross cross2 cross3 cross4

Type treatment

The below image shows the adjustments made to give you a more unique and well balanced typeface that steers away from a very common font in Gill Sans – yet is close enough for there not to be too much of a deviation. In doing this, I have simply rounded out the “O” & “C” to be a perfect circle to help promote the rolled carpet motif. I’ve also made diagonal cuts on the “C” to be consistent with the cuts on the “S’s” which have in fact stayed exactly the same as the original logotype. So whilst there are subtle changes it still honours what you already had. I have also opened up the bowl of the “R” to better balance the negative space. The word “CARPETS” underneath is completely custom made to follow the same consistencies of the logotype.


Secondary Devices

The below images showcase a multi-styled stamp-like system that makes it flexible to incorporate your service and heritage across different orientations and spaces that can be presented. It also acts as a stamp of approval / quality. You could take it further and have it made into a proper ink stamp to use on stationery and swing tags. This adds a craft and humanistic value that also looks very professional. I have also presented it across different colour systems to show you how the corporate colour pallet is flexible to change. This comes in handy when designing brochures, collateral and websites.

cross6 cross7 cross9 cross8 cross10

Coming together

The below two images show you how it all starts to fit together across stationery and a mock advert.

cross11 cross12 cross13

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