Goldstein’s rebrand 2016

The purpose of this presentation is to give the new logo and new store look a visual system that can be applied to all print and media collateral. Currently there has been no supporting visual assets supporting the new logo leaving posters, packaging and point of sale material without proper thought.

By creating a few visual assets we can start to shape a look and feel that will dictate how the Goldstein’s visual identity can move forward with a consistency that makes them look professional and in-line with their values so it can rub off on customers in a positive way.

The following assets and mock deliverables are a starting point in establishing your new identity.

The Icons

These icons were themed off the pie mark in your current logo. More can be added to these sets. Each icon is part of a bigger picture pattern whilst also available to be used as stand alone devices.

Icons set 1: These icons reflect life as a baker and the tools they use on a day to day basis.


Icon set 2: These icons reflect the core products the bake house sells.


The Patterns

I’ve created a few patterns that can be used together (overlaid) or as stand alone patterns. This will give the corporate identity flexibility and enable your brand to have variety so that not all promotions look exactly the same.

Pattern 1 (The wavy lines): Is an ode to the Gold Coast water lifestyle. This is a subtle pattern and whilst can be used alone, is best used as a subtle watermark overlay. Can be cropped also.


Pattern 2 (The icons): This is where all the icons come together as a pattern. A subtle texture has been added to them to add a little wholesomeness to the brand and break away from the digitalised cleanness of the vectors.


Reversed version for variety.


Adding a little colour for versatility.

goldsteins4 goldsteins5 goldsteins6

This is an example of overlaying the wavy pattern with the icon pattern to add more depth and interest.


Close up to see how the wavy line is used as a watermark over the logo.

goldsteins8 goldsteins9

Pattern 3 (icon logo set): This pattern is another addition to the pattern family that can be used where it’s a good idea to incorporate the logo. Think feature walls or packaging where it’s a value add to promote the name.

goldsteins10 goldsteins14

Tag line

This signature style tag line can be used flexibly with and without the logo. If given the opportunity it would be nice also to do a series of “Bake House” sayings in this style, or even a collection of products written down. This style will add another personal touch to the brand. Being hand written it makes tangible to crafting.

goldsteins16 goldsteins17 goldsteins13 goldsteins15

The Fonts

Introducing Netto Font Family will give new life to promotional materials as well as complimenting the rounded worn look of the customised logotype.



This selection will grow over time but to kick things off I have devised a few banners and arrows to be used when designing posters and marketing material. Here seen with the two patterns.



I’ve created a few mock examples of packaging and promotional material so you can get a taste for how everything works in context. These deliverables can be further explored upon execution. Everything comes together for the finishing posters.

goldsteins20 goldsteins21 goldsteins22

The logos

Below shows you the different arrangements to choose from when applying the logo to different environments. This logo set covers a wide variety of aspect ratios for flexibility. There’s also deconstructed versions for small application such as avatars and icons.


goldsteins24 goldsteins25 goldsteins26 goldsteins27