Mark Construction

The below images illustrate the construction process of creating the mark. I wanted to create a mark that represented freedom. Medfund offers a service that makes medical solutions achievable. This is a value that’s important to visually communicate for this line of service. In doing so, I started off with a medical cross and chose points to deconstruct the symbol with smooth symmetrical geometry. The mark metamorphosis into two things: 1. a butterfly like symbol that’s not too literal, but still evokes a sense of freedom and 2. a symbol of effortless flow, balance and harmony (can be perceived as the relationship between your company and the client), all the while still honouring the shape of a medical cross.

medfund medfund2 medfund3 medfund4 medfund7

Mark & Type Relationship

I chose to heavily modify and customise Helvetica Neue Black to make the typeface unique to yourself. It’s thick weight gives a sense of authority, structure and financial security, whilst the cuts help promote creativity, bringing the typeface more in-line with contemporary times.¬†Italicising the typeface helps you to be perceived as having a good, reliable and prompt customer service.

medfund5 medfund6 medfund8

 Single Colour

The below variations show you how the logo can work without the stylised gradients. All logos need to be able to work as single colour, so it’s important to have a logo that is flexible for single and 2 colour usage.

medfund9 medfund10

 Type Construction

Here you can see how I’ve customised Helvetica Neue Black to to give you a unique logotype. The cuts help the structure, making it more creative and approachable. Also the extended ‘f’ makes it more friendlier as it extrudes past the baseline. I also changed the structure of the ‘M’ to balance out negative space.



The below images show you the logo used in context with a stationery kit and as mobile device app icons.

medfund13 medfund12 medfund5

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