Mural Artist Gold Coast

If you have an indoor office wall or an exposed outdoor wall, murals are a fantastic way to bring your building to life. Create interest in your brand, add colour and vibrancy to you business and create value.

Whether it be a word, quote, or an illustration, a mural adds atmosphere to a blank wall and taps in to your corporate culture that will enhance your brand.

A well designed mural will inspire creativity, motivate and stimulate your work environment. In a public space it will entice people to engage with it, making it a striking backdrop for their social media posts, tagging and generating a buzz around your company.

Why Commission A Mural

Murals offer many benefits to businesses, communities and cities. They can transform dull and drab spaces into vibrant and interesting places, making them more attractive to customers, residents and visitors alike. Murals can also provide a sense of identity and community pride, showcasing the unique character of a place. In addition, murals can deter graffiti and vandalism, as they create a sense of ownership and respect for public spaces.

Creating a Mural

Creating a mural is a collaborative process that involves the artist and the client. The process typically begins with a consultation, where I’ll meet with you to discuss the vision and goals for the mural. I’ll then create a design proposal, which I will present to you for approval. Once the design is finalized, I can schedule in time to begin the painting the mural.


  1. How much does it cost to commission a mural on the Gold Coast?
    The cost of a mural depends on factors such as the size, complexity, and location of the mural, as well as the experience and reputation of the artist. It’s best to discuss your budget with the artist during the consultation phase.
  2. Do I need to provide the materials for the mural?
    The artist will typically provide their own materials, but this can vary depending on the project. Be sure to discuss the materials with the artist during the consultation phase.
  3. How long does it take to create a mural?
    The time it takes to create a mural can vary depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the design, as well as weather conditions and other logistical factors. It’s best to discuss the timeline with the artist during the consultation phase.
  4. Do I need to obtain any permits or permissions to create a mural on the Gold Coast?
    It’s important to check with your local council to see if any permits or permissions are required before creating a mural in a public space.
  5. Can I choose the design and style of the mural?
    Yes, the artist will work with you to create a design that meets your vision and goals for the mural.

Mural Art

Murals are large-scale paintings or artworks that are created on walls or other surfaces, often in public spaces. They can be found in cities around the world and can range from simple designs to complex and intricate artworks. Murals have been used to express political messages, cultural values, and social issues. They can also be purely decorative, adding colour and beauty to urban landscapes.