11 Breweries & 100+ Beer Can Designs

About this project

For the last 7 years I have been responsible for designing the logo and visual identity of 11 Breweries. As a result, I have also had to create the packaging design for well over 100 core range and limited release beers. This has been a passion of mine and kept me honest and challenged as a designer.

Being part of the Craft Beer movement has meant I have had to create very unique identities that reflect the core brand values of each Brewery and their own individual story. This is what keeps me engaged as a designer, the passion to push myself each and every time to sharpen my skills and never fall back or rest inside my comfort zone.

Below is this body of work and I hope you enjoy checking out the variety of styles covering illustration, lettering, logo design, visual identity and packaging design of each of these 11 breweries.