Benchmark Houston Builders

Logo and Brand Identity by VERG (Matt Vergotis)

Benchmarks are the surveying starting point for construction sites. With the mark I have come up with a symbol that draws reference to both the traditional cut in stone benchmarks and the modern day bronze discs that have a triangle as the centre point. I get a real sense of satisfaction when working on simple designs that are flexible and are aligned to a brief given. This is one of my favourite projects and also my favourite presentations.

“Our client was expecting nothing short of the best when it came to his logo design and brand package… hence the reason we sought out and placed the project into the capable hands of Matt Vergotis of Verg Advertising. Matt happens to be the first gentleman we’ve ever worked with outside The United States on a large scale project but not once did we feel any distance. Matt doesn’t just “take jobs”, he approves and accepts them based on his skills set. Not surprisingly, his first presentation didn’t just meet the needs of our client’s vision, it embodied it. He delivered faster that expected and enthusiastically catered to our every need throughout the project…. the first of many to come.”