Blue Water

Alrighty, like a band aid with this. Straight off!

This is an unused concept.

There, I said it. Next to “Mandy” this is now my most favourite unused custom logo design & brand identity proposals. In hindsight I know why it wasn’t chosen but I will always have a soft spot for this one as it was not only enjoyable to create, but very well in-line with the original brief. Blue Water is a digital agency in Washington DC and I was commissioned to come up with a corporate identity that communicated their passion to be a digital agency that approached their projects with the same love and craft values as an industry that is more tactile with their product. ie. infusing a craft element to coding. Anyway, to do this I was asked to hand craft the logo (as I do) yet marry an identity that also represented ultimately what they were, a Digital Agency. To do the logo I used blue water (blue ink mixed with water) and to help push the technical aspect of the visual design I created patterns using code tags, amongst other devices.

Probably best you just take a look.

I hope you like.