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Blue Water

Alrighty, like a bandaid… STRAIGHT OFF!

This is an unused logo and corporate identity concept.

There, I said it.

Blue Water is a digital agency in Washington DC and they’re a fantastic client that has commissioned me to do a number of projects. Originally when asked to design their new logo and visual identity rebrand I was asked to craft something with a hand made aesthetic to mirror their values of being a digital agency that takes pride in constructing websites with artisan code. Code that’s crafted with the same love and detail that you expect from a more tactile craftsman. To do this, whilst still honour the fact they are a “digital agency” I hand crafted their logo using a soft tipped brush pen with blue water (blue ink plus water) and then complimented the visual assets that support the logo with patterns and devices that are influenced by coding tag ( < > ) motifs.

This, along with my ‘Mandy’ project are now my most favourite unused projects.

Why wasn’t it used? Understandably the corporate side of the business needed to shine more. That presentation is coming soon.

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