DC Cool

Last year I was approached by Washington DC Tourism to assist them with a campaign that’s currently running called “DC Cool”. When most people (especially outsiders) think of Washington DC images of The White House or politics pop up in your mind. This campaign was to promote the “cool” aspect of Washington DC as a place to live.

Whether it’s monuments by moonlight, experiencing a unique art exhibit, sipping a local craft brew or savoring a dish from the hottest new neighborhood eatery, you can discover your own “DC Cool” moment in the nation’s capital. DCcool.com

My involvement was to come up with the lettering of the word “cool” to accompany the “DC” logo which was no easy task. You cannot force cool on something. Either something is cool or it isn’t and when you try to be cool, you certainly aren’t. So for this task I tried a couple approaches. One being to capture “effortless cool” and the other a more “organic cool”.

To see most of my attempts be sure to view the project as there’s stacks to see.

Below is the logo they went for on a series of posters that went all around the city. As the campaign rolls out I will populate this page with more printed examples.