Dissimo Font Family

DOWNLOAD HERE (one of the weights is FREE for personal use)

“Dissimo font was built to resemble the columns one would expect gracing the entrance of a GRAND Museum” – Matt Vergotis

Hello there designers and font lovers alike! I’m the creater of Dissimo font family and I have designed many typefaces for clients’ logos in the past. It’s a passion of mine in my spare time to take these logotypes and turn them into fully functional fonts which in turn help me gain a better understanding of letterforms.

So I am super proud to announce Dissimo as my follow up font to my debut, Knubi. But this time as a complete font family.

The name Dissimo was born from the imagination of my daughter and it means “kind person”.  It’s also coincidently a beautiful small town nestled in the northern mountains
of Italy.

Dissimo’s story begins where it was once referred to as Museology. I was commissioned to design a logo for a fashion label (Museology – meaning: the study of museums). For this reason the typeface was crafted to resemble a modern stylistic version of ancient Greek Doric style columns. This is what makes up the DNA so Dissimo has been created to be solid and very sturdy in structure. The architecture behind the construct was born through the use of geometry and refined by the eye.

Dissimo font family consists of: Bold, Medium, Regular, Light and four Italic versions: Bold Italic, Medium Italic, Regular Italic and Light Italic.

“I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, you are a design savant. Everything you attempt turns out awesome, and this font is no exception. It seriously looks so professional, if I didn’t know any better, I’d assume it was created by someone who dedicates their career to designing fonts. Congrats, Matt.”
– Jon Stapp, Creative Director. Atomic Vibe

The bolder weights have been designed to work extremely well as logotypes or display fonts. Coupled with the rest of the family the lighter weights and italic versions are also designed to complement each other in editorial layouts or for corporate literature where headlines, sub headlines, body copy, captions and quotes are required. So for this reason Dissimo is a great font family that can serve a company’s corporate identity style guide.

I would like to dedicate this font to my eldest daughter, Sofia. The hard work I have put into building this font family is a tribute to all the hard work she puts into the little things she does every day. Little by little big things can happen. Thank you Sofia for all the love, you truly are an amazing girl and I love you to bits.

So by dedicating Dissimo to Sofia means I’m not done with building fonts as I know my youngest daughter will cry favouritism if I don’t dedicate a font family to her now. So stay tuned and watch this space as that is enough of a driving force to balance the scales.

My plans next will be to move on to a contemporary san serif font family.

• • •

I hope you enjoy Dissimo. 

Matt Vergotis

DOWNLOAD HERE (one of the weights is FREE for personal use)

Special thanks to Aliesha Mandy for allowing me to use her stunning photos. You can follow her work on Behance or Instagram.
I’d also like thank Wayne Thompson from the Australian Type Foundry for offering helpful tips along the way when it came to the metrics.