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Gold Coast City Brand concept no.2

Recently I was given the very fortunate opportunity to pitch an identity concept for the branding of the Gold Coast City.

After a rebrief from the first concept I had a week to come up with the next concept. Unfortunately a severe case of designers block struck me down along with a lot of client work that needed urgent attention and it wasn’t until the eleventh hour that this concept came to mind. Nonetheless, I was really happy with this version and the deeper I got into the concept, the more potential and versatility I found this concept had.

Gold Coast brand concept 2013Gold Coast logo concept two colorGold Coast logo concept monochrome

The below images illustrate the mechanics and techniques used to create the type and logo mark. Every element is thoughtfully crafted using geometry which creates a visual coherence.

The below images demonstrate the spacial awareness of the elements that make up the logo.

For the identity of the Gold Coast City, I would like to propose a custom font to be crafted that encompasses the qualities of the Gold Coast. You will notice the wavy line appears on a few key letters that would be seen throughout headings, promotions and collateral where the font is used. This further solidifies the uniqueness of the brand.

Below is an example of the different weights that could be created to make up a more comprehensive font suitcase.

Below is an example of how subsidiary brands could work in relationship with the proposed concept.

Gold Coast brand concept 229Gold Coast brand concept three colour

The End.

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