Great Hops Brewing Co

Every now and then a project pops up that is completely unique. Welcome to Great Hops Brewing Co. started by a dentist who split his time between Sydney & Nambucca Heads. It was his passion and life long goal to start his very own craft brewery in Armidale, NSW.

Over more than a decade of making this dream come true, Sam collected interesting and eclectic artefacts to fit out his tap room brewery. From a firetruck that backs in to the bar, to vintage birdcages that could fit a pterodactyl in that hang from the ceiling of an airport hanger style shed.

This is one amazingly interesting brewery tap room to visit for any person to visit, whether you like craft beer or not.

This brewery branding project was a blast for me to create as it really pushed me to create something hand crafted, drawing on my illustrative and lettering skills. To see my approach, I invite you to view the project and check out just how wonderful this venue is.