Horizon at Byron Bay

Horizon at Byron Bay is a stunning, contemporary residence, nestled on 10 hectares on top of a hill. It has 360° uninterrupted panoramic views of the coastline and hinterland. Designed for perfect lifestyle living, Horizon Byron Bay is a perfect venue for weddings.

For this visual identity, I created a pattern to compliment the brand by visually telling a story of perfect days and wonderful nights. The mark was an interesting challenge as I wanted to create something that was multi layered with visual meaning. What’s obvious, is the “H”, the sun and the horizon, but it works deeper than that. There’s an image in the presentation that illustrates my thought process when tying the wedding theme into the mark. It’s not important that people make this connection, but it is there as a hidden egg. Also, it’s ‘not obvious’ nature  means if the venue isn’t used for weddings, then the logo is flexible, rather than designing something that was literal, pigeon holing it to weddings only.