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Knubi Font

It’s done, It’s finished, It’s designed, It’s kerned and I have 380 glyphs that supports 80 languages, packaged up as a lovely little .otf file ready to go.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on knubi regular click on the download link or click here and it will take you to a page where there’s two download options.

If you would like to read about the process and see a few tasty examples before you download, click on through to see it in action.

Being my first released font, if you have any issues, suggestions, glyph recommendations or friendly feedback, let me know and I’ll happily take it on board for version 1.1.


All the best and I hope you enjoy playing around with Knubi

Matt Vergotis


Credits: Joe Prince, Simon Frouws and Claire Coullon for throwing me a tip or two along the way. The final “thank you” image was created by Claire.


The above two images is the original (unmodified) logotype that started it all.


  1. This is a beautiful font! Love the nubbs! Great job man!

  2. Great stuff man. Love hearing your process and seeing the first step that started the whole thing. Really resonated with me.

  3. VERY impressive work Matt.

  4. Excellent work! The type is very modern & timely.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. *wipes tear away* … so beautiful!

  6. Thank you for sharing your process and the story behind it all. Knubi is a very beautiful font and I’m looking forward to using it for some personal works!

  7. Simply gorgeous lines, beautiful typeface! Excellent job!

  8. Really beautiful font. Great writeup too.

  9. I love it!
    Thanks for putting so much effort in it 🙂

  10. Love this! Webfont please?????

  11. Stunning typeface.

  12. I appreciate the work that went into Knubi! Congrats! Which font making app did you bring the glyphs into to space and kern them?

  13. admin

    Thank you everyone for the amazing feedback. I’m truly chuffed to see so many of you downloading and enjoying Knubi.

    For those that had issues with the download earlier, the problem should be fixed now. There seemed to be a massive interest over night and the reply email function that sends you the font became disabled when it maxed out at 500 within an hour. WOW! 500 in an hour… Thank you to the source that created this interest.

    For those that have purchased the font, you have given me great motivation to crack on with the bold and italic versions, which as mentioned, you’ll receive for FREE as a thank you for purchasing the font.

    Thanks again


    • For the love of God, keep writing these aritelcs.

  14. Oh, I really think the type design is delightful. You have managed to capture the look of a classic in a contemporary guise. Very well done!

    • So excited I found this article as it made things much queikcr!

  15. fantastic work, a beautiful font

  16. Wonderful fontface! But one minor flaw — aogonek and eogonek glyphs might be a little better. See:
    I spot it immediately, because it’s part of my family name. 🙂

  17. Hello Matt,

    Loved meeting you at the Justus Issue 03 Launch Party.

    All of us at Justus Magazine are so proud of you and thankful that we were a small part of the completion of your first font. Issue 03 has now been distributed across Australia, New York and even Poland so Knubi has definitely moved out of home.

    It is amazing to see that this publication that was designed specifically for designers across Australia to showcase their talent is now elevating to international recognition.

    I am going to do a FB post for you today as well <3

  18. Beautiful work Matt, and thanks for making it free to play with.

  19. I took the liberty to mention your beautiful font on my blog with tips from the world of typography .. Its beautiful work .. NICE

    • Matt

      Thanks a million Dvojan.

  20. Thanks a lot, fantastic font !

  21. Nice work! FYI You’ve made it onto 50 best Free Fonts 2013

    • Matt

      Thanks Chris! Stoked to come in at no.20 on your list.

  22. Awesome effort Matt. It’s a beautiful font.

    • Matt

      Cheers Ben! Nice to receive comment from you mate. Enjoy Knubi!

  23. Gracias a todos por poner una de las herramientas más importantes al alcance de todos. Un saludo cordial para todos los que hacen esto posible.

  24. I am not a designer. But I do recognize elegantly simple design; congrats on creating it in a font!

    • Matt

      Thank you so much. Super kind of you to say.

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