Logos 2013

2013 was another huge year for me creating logos and corporate identities for companies. But the one real flavour of 2013 was again ‘lettering’. If 2012 kicked off this style for me, 2013 solidified it as a skill set that saw clients from all around the world desiring it. I have always tried to be very versatile in terms of styles, as it’s the variety and diversity of every individual client requirement that dictates the style execution that’s best suited for them (what a mouthful). In a nutshell; every client is unique, so therefor every client requires a different approach. This is why I love my job so much – It’s problem solving and it keeps things interesting.

So here’s to another year of designing. I hope you like my snap shot of 2013 in the form of logos.

All the best and have a wonderful 2014.


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