Revel Brewing Co

This year (2018) I was commissioned to design another brewery logo and packaging requirement for Revel Brewing Co. What I love about working within the craft beer industry is the completely unique and diverse directions I must take to give each and every brewer their own seperate identity. This time for Revel we wanted to do something a little more minimal whilst not lacking character. The Revel “spark” was born to represent their passion for fresh, local craft beer.


“Working with Matt was such a wonderful experience for a start-up company that had such a passion for creating a strong brand that resonated with our core values and skeletal ideas of what Revel could feel like.

Matt took us on a journey and explained to us, from the get-go, what we would be doing, when and how. The best part is we felt valued and part of the process the entire time whilst trusting in Matt’s expert advice and guidance to ensure Revel was the best product it could be!

We are so chuffed to have worked with such a talented designer and are looking forward to many more adventures into the future!”

– Jay Nevan (Founder of Revel Brewing Co)