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This was quite a detailed and conceptual corporate identity project, as it drew on a lot of elements to make up the big picture. Romanesco Capital Management is a niche portfolio manager that trades futures contracts in a systematic way. Because they use this systematic approach to see patterns in finance, I have devised a visual identity system that draws reference to the fibonacci spiral and fractals. A Romanesco is actually a vegetable similar to a broccoli and the client chose this name because of it’s striking appearance, as its form is a natural approximation of a fractal. Not wanting a vegetable for their logo, it was my challenge to come up with a non literal abstract mark, infused with relevance to the theme.

This presentation became my first featured project on the main stage of Behance. For me this is huge, considering the breathtaking creative projects it’s rubbing shoulders with.

romenesco-visual-identity1 romenesco-visual-identity2 romenesco-visual-identity3 romenesco-visual-identity4 romenesco-visual-identity5 romenesco-visual-identity6 romenesco-visual-identity7 romenesco-visual-identity8 romenesco-visual-identity9 romenesco-visual-identity10 romenesco-visual-identity11 romenesco-visual-identity12 romenesco-visual-identity13 romenesco-visual-identity14 romenesco-visual-identity15 romenesco-visual-identity16 romenesco-visual-identity17 romenesco-visual-identity18 romenesco-visual-identity19 romenesco-visual-identity20 romenesco-visual-identity21 romenesco-visual-identity22 romenesco-visual-identity23 romenesco-visual-identity24 romenesco-visual-identity25 romenesco-visual-identity26 romenesco-visual-identity27 romenesco-visual-identity28 romenesco-visual-identity29 romenesco-visual-identity30 romenesco-visual-identity31 romenesco-visual-identity32 romenesco-visual-identity33 romenesco-visual-identity34 romenesco-visual-identity35 romenesco-visual-identity36 romenesco-visual-identity37 romenesco-visual-identity38 romenesco-visual-identity39 romenesco-visual-identity41 romenesco-visual-identity42 romenesco-visual-identity43 romenesco-visual-identity44 romenesco-visual-identity45 romenesco-visual-identity46 romenesco-visual-identity47 romenesco-visual-identity48 romenesco-visual-identity49 romenesco-visual-identity50 romenesco-visual-identity51 romenesco-visual-identity52


  1. Hi!
    Great project, really!
    I like the palette and the font: which is the one you used?

    • Matt

      THANKS!It’s a typeface I’m developing into a font. Should be released in the coming months. It’ll be called Museology.

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