Saltbar logo and Corporate Identity

Salt Bar is situated in Northern NSW in the heart of Salt Village at Kingsliff. This logo is part of a rebrand whereby I was asked to come up with a corporate identity system that gave the establishment a warm, familiar, upbeat yet relaxing feel. Over time I will populate this page with photography as the branding rolls out. 

salt-pres13 salt-pres salt-pres2 salt-pres4 salt-pres3 salt-pres5 salt-pres6 salt-pres7 salt-pres9 salt-pres8 salt-pres10 salt-pres13 salt-pres12 salt-pres13 salt-pres14 salt-pres16 salt-pres15 salt-pres17 salt-pres20 salt-pres19 salt-pres20 salt-pres25 salt-pres26 salt-pres23 salt-pres24 salt-pres21 salt-pres27 salt-pres13 salt-pres8