Sick Puppy Brewery

About this project

As a specialist in corporate identity, logo design, lettering and drinking good beer, there’s certain jobs that are very appealing for me to work on. This my friends is one of them. I love beer, I love designing… it’s a match made in heaven. So for this project it was a challenge because being a gluten reduced beer I wanted it to exude a sense of coolness so people looked past the stereotype associated with wanting to create something that’s gluten free. We buy with our eyes first so this can had to look cool and crafted. To add that craft feel I custom created absolutely every element of the design in a hand drawn vintage style. There’s also the name, which can be translated a few different ways. The story goes though, the brewer’s two puppies got very very sick when they got in to a bag of his hops. So Sick Puppy literally means a “sick puppy”. The story is in the art if you look close enough. I hope you enjoy.

“I loved how he looked outside the box with his creativity.”
– Dean Costigan – Sick Puppy Brewery