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For this concept I decided I wanted to explore a ripple/ wave pattern. Waves start out as ripples which is very metaphoric towards the company’s service and backs up the meaning behind the name “Wavemaker”. The mark also has an emblem quality to it with an equal duality of it presenting like a flag “waving” in the wind. This gives across the feeling of trust, honour and integrity.

The typeface is the result of a collaboration project I’m working on with Wayne Thompson from the Australian Type Foundry. It’s a long term project we’ve set ourselves to make a very modern interpretation of a serif font.

wavemaker-logo-card-concept wavemaker-logo-card-concept2 wavemaker-logo-card-concept3 wavemaker-logo-card-concept4 wavemaker-logo-card-concept5 wavemaker-logo-card-concept6 wavemaker-logo-card-concept7 wavemaker-logo-card-concept8 wavemaker-logo-card-concept10 wavemaker-logo-card-concept14 wavemaker-logo-card-concept9 wavemaker-logo-card-concept11 wavemaker-logo-card-concept12 wavemaker-logo-card-concept13 wavemaker-logo-card-concept15

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