Dissimo font family


Welcome to my first font family, DISSIMO!

To celebrate this font release I’d like to offer everyone the MEDIUM weight for FREE.

There’s 4 weights all up and their respective italic partners, so you can buy as many as you like or buy the full family for a discounted rate.

Each weight is priced at an affordable $25.

Buying the family gives you a saving of $50 as you receive all 8 fonts for the price of 6.

I will also, as a special introductory offer include the commercial licence of my debut font Knubi. So that ends up as 9 fonts for the price of 6 which is a huge saving of $75.

To select a couple or a few from the family just keep adding them to the cart and they’ll be bundled up when you checkout.

The font has been carefully tested but, being version 1.0 if there should be any glitches with kerning or accent positions, let me know and I’ll fix for version 1.1 which you will all be emailed as soon as it is available.

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“I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, you are a design savant. Everything you attempt turns out awesome, and this font is no exception. It seriously looks so professional, if I didn’t know any better, I’d assume it was created by someone who dedicates their career to designing fonts. Congrats, Matt.” – Jon Stapp, Creative Director –  Atomic Vibe

dissimo-verg dissimo-verg2 dissimo-verg3 dissimo-verg4 dissimo-verg5 dissimo-verg6 dissimo-verg7dissimo-verg8 dissimo-verg9 dissimo-verg10 dissimo-verg11 dissimo-verg12 dissimo-verg13 dissimo-verg14 dissimo-verg15dissimo-verg16 dissimo-verg17 dissimo-verg18 dissimo-verg19 dissimo-verg20 dissimo-verg21 dissimo-verg22 dissimo-verg23 dissimo-verg24 dissimo-verg27 dissimo-verg28 dissimo-verg29



Family, Light, Light Italics, Regular, Regular Italics, Medium, Medium Italics, Bold, Bold Italics, Medium (Free – personal usage)


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