Font: Jarnko

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Jarnko is the result of the waves not pumping or the fish not biting. Sitting at home wondering what I could do, I decided ‘why not make another font’. So I did.

Having created a few logotypes recently that sported gargantuan ink traps, I decided to adapt an old font I created many years back in to a new and improved trendy looking version, thanks to the inclusion of said ink traps.

This bold and condensed typeface is perfect for titles and subtitles, whether it be for editorial or advertising purposes. It also works really well in large blocks of text too. Jam packed with glyphs to make it perfectly functional across Eastern & Western European languages, there’s also a number of ligature combinations to make Jarnko a very versatile and interesting font to have in your bag of fonts.

If you purchase this font you will receive a .otf, .woff & .woff2 files.

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