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Kotcha is a hand drawn font I decided to create after crafting Horse’s Tale Distilling Co’s Identity and Packaging design. Upon creating a bespoke label that consisted of hand drawn lettering I decided to take the letters to the next level and make it a fully functional font.

If there’s one pet hate I truly have, it’s seeing hand drawn fonts out in the wild where repeat letters are EXACTLY THE SAME. A hand drawn font needs to look hand drawn, which means every letter should be different, especially those that are close to each other. Otherwise the illusion of something being hand drawn or hand written is completely lost.

To solve this problem, Kotcha has been programmed to alternate between 3 different variations of every letter, so it makes it look much more authentic.

Kotcha is great for vintage looking logos, supporting type around a logo or even body copy when you’re going for that relaxed hand written vibe. To see examples of it in context, visit the presentation of Kotcha here.

Because it alternates between 3 alt glyphs it makes it appear that every letter is different when repeat letters are next to each other. If and when the programming fails to do so, it’s an easy fix with your adobe app to choose an alt glyph if you highlight and hover over the letter. It will then give you options to choose from.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fun font I’ve created. The name Kotcha is dedicated to my youngest daughter, who affectionally calls me Kotcha as a pet name. Love you Stella! This one is for you.

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