Print: Love

Original price was: $85.00.Current price is: $65.00.

Made with love for that someone you love bigger than the sky through the galaxies & beyond.

Each print is customised and personalised by lettering the name of the person who is giving the gift.

eg. I love you bigger than the sky through the galaxies and beyond. From “[name]”

I made up this statement for my beautiful daughters and have told them it every day since they were born. So one day I thought it would be a nice thing to draw on my love of lettering and marry the statement to a beautiful print that I could frame and hang in their bedrooms.

Printed with a unique digital printing process using white ink on a toothy matt black paper stock by the always awesome Digital Press, I have 50 available for purchase.

Be sure to check out the timelapse video below of the hand lettering and some photos of the print.

Postage included in the price.


printIMG_0012 IMG_0024 IMG_0027 IMG_9997 IMG_0088-2 IMG_0088 IMG_0089 Untitled-1


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