Fleur Horsley

We highly recommend Matt Vergotis. Matt has created a stand out brand and visual identity for our new distillery – Horse’s Tale Distilling Co.

When we approached Matt, he asked what our brand story was. We had no idea what we wanted our visual branding to look like! All we knew was that we want our labels to stand out on the shelf. Matt knew he had a challenge on his hand but he was so keen to get his creative jam on and create something spectacular. Matt was able to ask all the right questions to get the information from us he needed. And then all we had to do was trust him and his creativity.

The end result is a bold distillery brand identity that blends quirky illustrations with bold colours and hand drawn elements. We’re in love with what Matt’s created and so are our customers. We’ve only done a soft launch and so far everyone is loving the brand. Matt thinks of everthing, every element a brand needs for a standout visual identity.

Matt, you’re brilliant and we can’t recommend you enough and look forward to working with you again when we extend our range. Thank you!